How Much Speed Do I Really Need?

What internet speed do I need?

What internet speed do I need? Most families can get away with a cheap 20 x 5 package (20 Mbps download speed and 5 Mbps upload speed). This allows you to surf the web and stream video with 20-Mbps download speeds or back up your content to the cloud with 5-Mbps upload speeds.

Netflix says you need 5 Mbps to stream HD content and 25 Mbps for 4K Ultra HD content, but you'll want faster speeds if you plan to connect several devices at once.

I know, I know — all the ISPs are telling you to get faster connectivity. But you may be paying more than you need to.

You may not need a 100-Mbps connection most of the day, but when you need it, you want it there. Much like a car can go 100 mph, but we rarely drive it that way."

How Much Speed Do I Really Need?

Here are some general download speed requirements based on everyday online activities:

  • Check email and browse the web: 1-5 Mbps minimum

  • Stream HD content: 15-25 Mbps minimum

  • Stream 4K content and play competitive online games: 40-100 Mbps minimum


Are Fiber Connections Faster?

Fiber is usually faster because it can transfer a larger amount of data at once. A higher bandwidth pipe means your ISP can sell you a large chunk of that larger pipe.

We provide you FTTH with ONU (Optical Network Unit) which supports upto 1Gbps. We provide both UPLINK and DOWNLINK with same speed.


The Bottom Line: 25 Mbps Is the Minimum Speed for Modern Households

How Fast is 25 Mbps?

A 25 Mbps plan can be referred to as the “Goldilocks” of internet plans. It is neither too fast or too slow. For a small household of light internet users, you won’t suffer from frustrating lag or be paying for bandwidth that you don’t need.

Here are some things you can expect from 25 Mbps:

  • Stream Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube at 1080p on one or two devices without buffering

  • Play most online games without lag

  • Almost zero wait time for loading most webpages

Ultimately, deciding on the internet speeds you need isn't as simple as it looks. According to the experts, you need to think about the number of devices that will simultaneously connect to your network and exactly what you want to do with your connection. 

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